Monday, July 06, 2009

Music Monday

iPod on shuffle... first 15 songs that came to it's mind;-)

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  1. Freek 'n' you - Jodeci ~ One of my fav groups of all time!
  2. Take you Down - Chris Brown ~ Love the song, but the video made me put it on the ipod ;-)
  3. Bread and Butter - Beanie Sigel & others ~ What can I say... I just love the song!
  4. I'm So Into You - Tamia & Fabolous ~ This song is one of my "like" songs. I usually listen to it a lot when I like someone
  5. Kinda Like A Big Deal - The Clispe ~ Love the words, but doesn't it sound GREAT when your in the car???? Beat is crazy... ♥ it!
  6. Go Crazy- Jeezy ~ Love Jeezy... his voice (sighing)
  7. Amazing- Jeezy ~ Bitch i'ma AMAZING... look what I'm blazin... eyez so low.. yea i look like I'm ASIAN!
  8. Rockin that shit- The Dream ~ I mean... didn't you think The Dream was talking to you when he was singing this song??? I know I did! LOL
  9. Drop & Give me 50- Mike Jones f. Hurricane Chris ~ Club banger... immediate get on the floor song if u was standin on the wall!
  10. Get it Together- India Aire ~ I heard this song when i first watched "Brown Sugar" and fell in love with it.
  11. Help- Lloyd Banks f. Keri Hilson ~ First time i heard Keri sing.... loved her voice and love the collaboration
  12. Throw it in the Bag- Fabolous f. The Dream ~ Hook is catchy and FAB is doing his thing right now... I mean he's always on point... but been awhile since last album
  13. Do You- Ne-yo ~ Makes me think about that one that i might have fucked up with... and just maybe there is still a chance!
  14. Floating- Megan Rochelle ~ LOVE this song! It's the kinda song you listen to when your just falling in love and realizing it
  15. The Way that I Love You- Ashanti ~ She came back hard with this one! LOL

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This week it's been two songs!

You're a Jerk- New Boyz ~ I love the beat. A lot of people are hating on it, but i personally just think it's a dance song. Don't care for their clothing tho... LOL

Not Anymore- LeToya Luckett ~ Love the words and still haven't seen the video yet, but heard it's crazy!

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