Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shoe of the Week

Ok... so everyone knows my taste is a little different, and of course I don't give a S. ugar H. oney I. ced T. ea or a middle finger up what anyone thinks! But I'm diggin these new shoes from Steve Madden called... Mystrroo in Blush! They cost $99.95 and will start shipping on 8/19/09. What you think??? If you like go to

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've really been slacking on my posts! I'm going to get it together soon. I've just been really busy with moving and trying to get into school! Still love those who follow and even those who check me out from time to time! Thanks again...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

myTouch 3G Phone

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The new phone from T-mobile is available to be ordered starting today for all existing customers at $199.99 & up. It will be available for ordering until July 28, 2009. Those who have ordered it, are expected to receive the phone on August 3, 2009. The new phone comes in 3 colors... White, Black and Merlot. The phone will be available in stores to everyone in 27 days! One of the main features they are introducing is a new app called "Sherpa", quick description ...

"Thousands of applications are available for the myTouch 3G, including Sherpa, which will be available when myTouch 3G is in stores. This amazing app actually gets to know you better as you use it. It learns your favorite coffee house, bank or pharmacy, and keep track of your errands with built-in GPS. It even learns the types of restaurant your prefer, and when you search it gives you those options first."

I've also read some reviews and even though the phone is expected to do a lot and compete with AT&T's iphone, it doesn't have as much memory and can cost up to $100 just to get that memory by purchasing a memory card. The battery life is also expected to last longer than the G1. (which is great, and i'm looking forward to!)


I ordered my phone today in white! Can't wait to get it and tell you guys how it is! For more information visit


Tuesday, July 07, 2009


BLACKsummer's night, the new album from Maxwell that was released today. The Album only contains 9 songs, but very nice nonetheless. I'd rather listen to an album with 9 good songs than 13 with only 2 good songs. If you have the time, listen to samples of the album at It's been on my ipod since yesterday if that means anything and i listened to the whole thing more than once. This album would definitely be good to enjoy while sitting back and relaxing with a cocktail!

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Public Enemies

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This movie was so GOOD! It's def a classic... if you haven't seen it... GO! I went to go see it with my bf yesterday... and loved it. Not gonna say anything else about it! Enjoy♥

Monday, July 06, 2009

Music Monday

iPod on shuffle... first 15 songs that came to it's mind;-)

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  1. Freek 'n' you - Jodeci ~ One of my fav groups of all time!
  2. Take you Down - Chris Brown ~ Love the song, but the video made me put it on the ipod ;-)
  3. Bread and Butter - Beanie Sigel & others ~ What can I say... I just love the song!
  4. I'm So Into You - Tamia & Fabolous ~ This song is one of my "like" songs. I usually listen to it a lot when I like someone
  5. Kinda Like A Big Deal - The Clispe ~ Love the words, but doesn't it sound GREAT when your in the car???? Beat is crazy... ♥ it!
  6. Go Crazy- Jeezy ~ Love Jeezy... his voice (sighing)
  7. Amazing- Jeezy ~ Bitch i'ma AMAZING... look what I'm blazin... eyez so low.. yea i look like I'm ASIAN!
  8. Rockin that shit- The Dream ~ I mean... didn't you think The Dream was talking to you when he was singing this song??? I know I did! LOL
  9. Drop & Give me 50- Mike Jones f. Hurricane Chris ~ Club banger... immediate get on the floor song if u was standin on the wall!
  10. Get it Together- India Aire ~ I heard this song when i first watched "Brown Sugar" and fell in love with it.
  11. Help- Lloyd Banks f. Keri Hilson ~ First time i heard Keri sing.... loved her voice and love the collaboration
  12. Throw it in the Bag- Fabolous f. The Dream ~ Hook is catchy and FAB is doing his thing right now... I mean he's always on point... but been awhile since last album
  13. Do You- Ne-yo ~ Makes me think about that one that i might have fucked up with... and just maybe there is still a chance!
  14. Floating- Megan Rochelle ~ LOVE this song! It's the kinda song you listen to when your just falling in love and realizing it
  15. The Way that I Love You- Ashanti ~ She came back hard with this one! LOL

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This week it's been two songs!

You're a Jerk- New Boyz ~ I love the beat. A lot of people are hating on it, but i personally just think it's a dance song. Don't care for their clothing tho... LOL

Not Anymore- LeToya Luckett ~ Love the words and still haven't seen the video yet, but heard it's crazy!

Shoe of the Week

This shoe is called "Ashton". It comes in 3 colors and starts at $59.99. While this shoe looks very painful... it's very stylish. You can purchase this shoe at any Bakers store or at Happy Shopping! Also check out the online sales that they have;-)